ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) was founded in 2008 with the aim to develop and distribute open global standard for Surveillance. Device that supports the ONVIF work with any other device from a different manufacturer that supports the ONVIF standard, allowing to establish a network based on IP Surveillance equipment from other manufacturers. global standard facilitates the upgrade of IP systems and significantly reduces the cost of the process.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) retinal is the most developing electronic physical security measures.
Despite the phenomenal growth in the field, was the lack of connectivity (interoperability) between the products of different manufacturers.

The components comprising the retinal video solutions are webcam (IP camera), a recording retina (NVR – Network Video Recorder), and the management software (VMS – Video Management Software).
Today, every camera manufacturer implements a private interface in his camera.
Although there are standards for compressing video signals (H264, MPEG4) and video streaming (RTSP), the basic control interface for setting video quality, network characteristics, controlling panoramic photography, vertical, and Zoom (PTZ) is still private and closed.
This situation requires the recording system manufacturers to develop specific software interface for all camera they want to integrate with (most installers and Integrators can’t make their own).
This is in complete contradiction to the situation that exists in analog cameras where each camera can be connected to any recorder (DVR) and / or monitor.

Many manufacturers of management programs find themselves with the difficult task of implementing a software interface for thousands kinds of new cameras that are born every month. In addition, there is a condition in which certain types of management software working with some cams and don’t with others.
Worse, when camera manufacturers see the need to upgrade the camera firmware, and possibly improve and add features, the new version requires changes in the code of the management software.

The companies Axis, Bosch and Sony consider this problem of lack of connectivity, a barrier to the growth of retinal video.
Although these companies business rivalry, they see the importance of cooperation between them in terms of connectivity.

Therefore, these companies founded the Open Network Video Interface Forum at November 2008 with the three following goals:

  • Create a standard for communication between components of a network video.
  • Full connectivity between network video products (cameras, recording devices, management software) regardless of the manufacturer and model.
  • Standard open to all companies and organizations.

According to official website of ONVIF, as of end 2013 there are currently 483 ONVIF member companies! (The full list can be found at the following link: http://www.onvif.org/About/MemberList.aspx )